5 Year Vietnam Visa Exemption – Requirements & How to apply

Vietnam visa 5 years

Vietnamese individuals living abroad or foreign nationals with familial ties to Vietnamese citizens and those residing outside Vietnam are eligible for a five-year visa waiver, allowing them to travel between countries without the need to apply for or renew a visa frequently. This extended visa exemption duration is among the most generous available, streamlining the travel process and reducing the time and effort typically spent on visa applications and renewals for visits to Vietnam.

What is a 5 year Vietnam visa exemption?

A 5-year visa exemption, commonly referred to as a spouse visa, is an official document granted by Vietnamese authorities to Vietnamese individuals living abroad without a Vietnamese passport and to foreign nationals who are spouses or children of Vietnamese citizens or residents overseas. This certificate is intended for those planning to visit relatives in Vietnam or handle personal matters that involve documentation or administrative procedures with national agencies.

The 5-year visa exemption is the lengthiest permit available, offering five years of validity. However, it is crucial that the expiration date of this certificate precedes that of the passport or any foreign residency document by at least six months. To ensure a full 5-year Vietnam visa exemption, it is essential to possess an original passport or foreign residency document with a validity of at least 5 years and 6 months.

This visa exemption provides the longest-term authorization for entering and exiting Vietnam, effectively serving as a visa for holders to travel in and out of the country throughout its validity period. Nonetheless, each entry allows a maximum stay of 6 months, with the option to extend temporary residence if desired. Here are further details:

  • If the visa exemption’s validity exceeds 6 months, an extension of temporary stay for an additional 180 days is possible.
  • If the visa exemption’s validity is less than 6 months, the temporary stay duration will match the remaining validity of the visa exemption and cannot be prolonged.

Who is Eligible for the 5-year Vietnam Visa Exemption?

Vietnam 5-year visa exemption is issued to foreigners who have special relationships with Vietnam, including:

  • Oversea Vietnamese (Vietnamese residing abroad).
  • Foreigners are the spouses and children of oversea Vietnamese.
  • Foreigners are the spouses and children of Vietnamese citizens.


To obtain a certificate of 5-year visa exemption, you have to meet some conditions below:

  • Having a valid passport for at least 1 year
  • Having documents proving that you are eligible for visa exemption
  • Not in the case of being banned from entering Vietnam

How to apply a 5-Year Visa for Vietnam

To apply for a Vietnam 5-year visa, you must adhere to the following two steps:

Step 1: Prepare the required documents

The specific documents required for a Vietnam 5-year visa exemption application vary based on the applicant’s category:

1. Vietnamese Overseas Individuals:

To request a 5-year visa exemption for Vietnamese overseas individuals, applicants should assemble the following:

  • Complete the 5-year Vietnam visa exemption application form available online and print it on Letter-sized paper with a barcode.
  • Passport, equivalent document, or a residence permit issued by an authorized agency in the residing country, valid for at least six months after the intended arrival in Vietnam.
  • Provide two recent photos with a white background, featuring a straight face, no headgear, and without colored glasses.
  • Submit a certified copy or attach an original of one of the following documents:
    + Birth certificate
    + Vietnamese citizenship certificate
    + Decision on renunciation of Vietnamese citizenship
    + Certificate of loss of Vietnamese citizenship
    + Valid or expired Vietnamese passport
    + Valid or expired Identity Card
    + Most recent voter’s card
    + Family Register Book
    – Documents from competent foreign authorities validating the individual’s original Vietnamese citizenship or Vietnamese heritage.
  • If the documents listed in point 4 are unavailable, applicants may provide:
    + A guarantee issued by an overseas Vietnamese association in their residing country.

2. Foreign Spouses and Children of Vietnamese Overseas Individuals or Vietnamese Citizens:

To be eligible for a five-year visa exemption in Vietnam as a foreign spouse or child of an overseas Vietnamese or Vietnamese citizen, applicants must gather the following documents:

  • Complete the five-year Vietnam visa exemption application form if currently residing outside Vietnam. If in Vietnam, download and complete the Applicant Form NA09.
  • Possess a foreign passport valid for at least six months beyond the intended entry date into Vietnam.
  • Provide two recent photos with a white background, featuring a straight face, no head coverings, and no colored glasses.
  • Submit one set of copies along with original documents proving the familial relationship with the Vietnamese or overseas Vietnamese individual. Acceptable documents include:
    + Marriage certificate
    + Birth certificate
    + Proof of relationship with father, mother, or children
    + Other relevant legal documents specified by Vietnamese law
    + Adoption decree

Step 2: Submit the documents prepared above to the granting authority:

Agencies competent to grant visa exemption certificates include:

  • Overseas Vietnamese diplomatic missions and consulates;
  • The Vietnam Immigration Department under the Ministry of Public Security (if you are in Vietnam).

Step 3: Receive your original passport and the 5 years visa exemption certificate.

If you are unsure about how to proceed, allow us to assist you. Regardless of your location, we are capable of facilitating the application for a Vietnam five-year visa exemption certificate on your behalf. Simply take a minute to fill out the form provided below, and we will respond promptly.

How to extend 5-Year Vietnam Visa exemption

To prolong your stay in Vietnam beyond the initial 6-month period permitted per entry, it is advisable to seek a visa extension, especially if you wish to avoid exiting and re-entering the country. Despite holding a 5-year visa exemption, individuals can only remain in Vietnam for up to 6 months during each visit.

For those seeking an extension under the 5-year visa program, the process allows applicants to extend their stay for an additional 6 months. To initiate this extension, it is necessary to compile the required documentation and submit it to the Vietnam Immigration Department. The essential documents include a valid passport, completion of the visa issuance and stay extension form NA5, proof of eligibility for visa exemption, a notarized copy of a valid passport or identity card belonging to the Vietnamese sponsor, and a temporary resident certificate.

Processing time & fee

The typical processing period for applications usually ranges from 5 to 7 business days once all required documents are provided. If additional or incomplete documents are submitted, the processing time will extend accordingly.

The fees for a 5-year visa exemption application can differ based on the issuing authority, such as the Vietnam Embassy/Consulate abroad or the Vietnam Immigration Department. For precise fee information, it is advisable to contact the respective entities directly:

At the Vietnam Embassy/Consulate: Contact them directly for specific fee details.

At the Vietnam Immigration Department:

  • First-time issuance: US$20
  • From the second time issuance: US$10