Frequently Asked Questions

Vietnam eVisa – What it is all about

What is E-visa Vietnam?

E-visa Vietnam has been taken effects on 02 Feb 2017. It is submitted and issued online with 30 day validity and single entry.

How to apply e-visa?

To apply e-visa, check if your nationality in 80 countries list and then provide all necessary information to fill in application form. You have to upload your passport photo as well. Please make sure that all information is correct and then make payment.

Do children need to apply e-visa to enter Vietnam?

All foreigners in different ages are required to have e-visa to enter Vietnam. Parents or guardians have to submit e-visa application on behalf of their children.

How many days before departure should I apply e-visa?

It takes normally 3-6 working days to issue e-visa. However, the processing time may be longer due to the large number of applicants, weekend or international/national holidays; you should arrange your time to submit visa application before your trip at least 1-2 week.

Which port of entry can I enter Vietnam?

E-visa is applied at 33 port of entries. Please check the list of entry ports available for e-visa.

Which purpose is granted for e-visa holders?

E-visa allows foreigners to go to Vietnam with single entry, 30-day stay following purposes,
+ Tourist: All activities related to travelling, entertainment and visiting friends/relatives
+ Business: All activities related to business meeting, discussion, investment and contract negotiation
+ Transit: All passengers’ transit to Vietnam to next destination can use e-visa to enter Vietnam legally.

How can I get the approval letter of e-visa?

The approaval letter of e-visa in PDF will be sent to your registered email. Since then you are advised to provide the email which is still working to ensure no difficulties in getting the approval letter.

Can I extend my e-visa?

No, there is no policy for e-visa extension, we will update if any changes.

Price, Payment and Others

How much does e-visa cost?

Our e-visa service is 55 USD/person (including 25 USD for visa fee and 30 USD for service fee). There are certain secured payment methods such as credit card, debit card, Paypal or any available payment method.

Requirements, Procedures and Tips

Copy of passport page containing personal data

+ Passport must be valid for at least six months before the date of entry into Vietnam.

+ In case you have dual nationality, please choose the passport that you will use to travel to Vietnam.

  • We respect your privacy and image.
  • We do not give or sell copies of your passport and photos to anyone.
  • We never use your passport photo and copy in advertising or any other marketing.

Photo and passport requirements

Photo Principles

A recent photograph is required to upload on the e-Visa online form

Do I need to printout the e-visa?

The approval letter of e-visa is required to print out for Vietnam Immigration Officers to check. If your e-visa is legit, officers will stamp in your e-visa.

Which documents should I need to submit?

To submit e-visa application, passport with at least 6 month validity and passport photo are required.

Should I enter Vietnam on the right day as in the e-visa approval letter?

The validity of e-visa will be started from the date you provided in e-visa. During this time, you can enter Vietnam

Can I apply e-visa if the port of entry is not decided?

No, the port of entry is compulsory. It is fixed and you are allowed to enter Vietnam via this port only. If you wish to change, new e-visa application is required.

Problems and Concerns

What should I do if e-visa is rejected?

If your e-visa application is rejected, please contact us via email or hotline to timely support. You have to make sure all following information;

+ 6 month passport validity and all correct information related to passport details

+ No violate any regulation and laws of Vietnam in the past.

Can I enter Vietnam before or after my e-visa validity?

No, you are not allowed to enter Vietnam before or after your e-visa validity.